Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Day 44

Up and then going and eating breakfast here…  It was good and highly recommend it for any meal.  Tres Piedras is a very small community.   The community is so old, run down and so small that we went thru here and didn’t see this large building.  Stop for a meal and wow was it good.


Kraig was real excited waiting a long time for the food.DSC_0004

Across the street has come and gone.DSC_0005

Back at the camper Kraig needed a nap.DSC_0006

Here Mark just finished temporary fixing the cat tent with some bailing wire and a Dremel.DSC_0008

After Kraig fixed us some tacos we played the game Sorry outside at dark.   The four of us had some laughs and even said Sorry with a smile.

All is quiet and Sorry.

Retirement is not saying sorry.