Monday, September 3, 2018

Day 29

And we’re off – walking again.

Then Denny’s.  Then Walmart.

Walmart.  Four lines with 6-8 customers in each line waiting to get checked out.   They had no customers at the self-pay stations.  I informed the head cashier very politely that they needed more cashiers.  He replied like he really didn’t care about customers and that’s all he had to help.  Big Walmart and only 4 cashiers.! I say, that’s sad!  Next thing I had two guys (mgr,assist mgr?)telling me I can’t take pictures (I had my camera) and wanted them.  I said give me a disk for the camera and they could have the pictures.  They said no.  As I was leaving out the door they said to leave and never return.  Then they called the police.  I slowly left and went out front where two employees followed me wanting the pictures and I would have to wait for the police.  Wrong on both counts.  We left with no further action by them.  Police were a no show in my time frame.  Hey, let Walmart know there are lines if there are……………..and get names!  Tomorrow we are out of Vegas!

About noon Kristy and Jason came over and picked Kraig up to go to the movies.

Oh, the camper is ready to go “commando.”  It wasn’t washed but wiped  down. Over the cab sleeper was not done.  Hard to get to.DSC_0003

Kraig, Kristy, Jason, Carol and myself ended up at Golden Coral for dinner. Hey, do what the locals do and they go there………then later we all said our Good Byes until it happens again.

We sat out around dusk (90’s) and Carol gave up after about 10 minutes. 

I filled our 50 gallon fresh water tank.  In the morning I will get the water, sewer and electrical disconnected.

Retirement is a different type of work involving survival.