Friday, September 14, 2018

Day 40

Up by 7 AM and the camper furnace is on.  We didn’t bring the inside LP heater.  Our small electric heater went up too.  We weren’t planning being in the area with the low 40s. 

Since we’ve been booning up here since last Friday, it’s time to go to a camp ground down in South Fork.  It will be a Passport America for two or three nights ($20).  Our black/grey water tanks are just about full.  Three people in this camper for about 6 days is its limit on boone docking.

Carol & Kraig went down to South Fork to shop around.  Shopping is the Dollar General, Post Office and thrift stores.

I drove the camper down off the mountain to Aspen Trails RV park.  It’s a Passport America (PA) park and we got FHU for $20 with Kraig (extra).  We got the two nights instead of the 3 nights under PA.

Lou came down a little later in his small class A and got a site real close to us.DSC_0023

Carol washed the clothes plus …………DSC_0025and we (Kraig and I) got the camper cleaned out from all the black and grey water.  We were full of it.

Around dinner time Lou wanted to go eat out.  Not us.  We cooked some chicken on the grill and some corn.

It wasn’t windy and that means I could set out at night and watch the stars.  No wind makes a difference.  The day time view…..DSC_0024

Our little electric heater started working so the night was ok for us temperature wise.

Retirement is enjoying the warm electric heater.