Saturday, September 1, 2018

Day 27

Up at day light.  Did a short walk.  Next thing is Denny’s.  Ate then Walmart to get just a few things and we did.

Finished putting the new LED bulbs in the camper.  They are just right now.  I got three different bulbs to use and everyone likes these.DSC_0001

Got my GoPro remote control charger yesterday from Amazon.  I left mine back in Livingston.DSC_0003  Its really nice to use the remote with the GoPro 4.  Now I have to learn how to store stuff on the GoPro and then especially edit.  I know zero.  My Nikon camera takes movies but I have never used it.  I know zero.  It’s the edit thing.

Then there is the drone I have and its never been out of the box.  I know zero.   Again, it’s the edit thing.

Wow… not going over 100 degrees today here in Vegas.  It’s STILL friggin hot…I don’t care what they say!

Retirement is forgetting you worked and GOT paid.