Saturday, September 8, 2018

Day 34

Up at 6:15 and it’s a little nippy, like 45 degrees outside here in South Fork, CO..  So that meant I had to go outside in a compartment and get our little heater.  I put on some shorts and a shirt and went outside and got the heater. Yes, it was cold.

Now it’s up to 57 degrees inside and climbing…   That little electric heater is finally going up.  It’s over a decade old and used.  Now gonna be a big LP bill in the future using the camper furnace.DSC_0002 - Copy

We got all ready to leave the park, everything is ready.  We drive up and meet Mark at the exit of the park.  We’re only going about 10-15 minutes away from here put it’s up the hill and pretty for sure.DSC_0011 - CopyDSC_0012 - CopyDSC_0014 - CopyDSC_0023 - Copy

We’re at 9766 feet of elevation and I can till.DSC_0026 - Copy

Me and Mark just looking….DSC_0027 - Copy

Now it’s that special time….DSC_0028 - CopyDSC_0030 - CopyDSC_0034 - Copy

Here’s Lou that got here.  Can’t really see him.  He’s got a 1998 class A 24 foot.  Hard to come by along with his 1993 Bronco.DSC_0038 - Copy

Yes we are eating hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner outside dressed warm.  We’re camping !DSC_0041 - Copy

The cows got real close.  One got up to Mark’s camper and started itching.  It was funny watching.DSC_0049 - Copy 

Retirement is eating more than before……….