Sunday, September 16, 2018

Day 42

I got up at 6 AM and turned the little electric heater up high.  66 degrees inside is better but not warm enough.  Plus I turned on the hot water heater.

I got up about 7:30 am to take my shower.  We got at least six days of booning to wash  and our clothes will be happy.  At least the people at the diner will be.

The drive was about 100 miles to GPS coords in a National Forest about 25 miles NW of Taos, NM.

We arrived and the sun was out, no wind and the temp eventually got up into the 80s.  We love it here.

So set back and enjoy and make up your own stories……DSC_0002-001DSC_0008DSC_0010DSC_0011DSC_0014

I guess we are still in Colorado.DSC_0016DSC_0023DSC_0028DSC_0029DSC_0030DSC_0032DSC_0036DSC_0038DSC_0037DSC_0039

Retirement is speaking up sometimes….