Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Day 37

Yep, day of 9 eleven.  Glad we’re not getting TV and hearing about the previous big bombings years ago.  Seems like a lot of folk have already forgot about the Beirut Bombing.

And I’m sick.  It seems to be a little more often.  Last time was June 30th but no hospital this time. 

Later Mark rode his bike in town because he wanted to ride his bike and he thought he might as well do his laundry.

Then later Lou (Schneider) took his Bronco in town to due laundry too and have a lunch.

It’s around 2 PM and I’m feeling a little better.

Lou & Mark came back before dinner.  We had community BBQ chicken on the grill.  Kraig was the cook and did an excellent job.

We all stayed outside for awhile.  It really got windy so we all went inside.

It was another quiet night and all is well.

Retirement is waiting and see what happens.