Saturday, July 6, 2013

What’s Up

Hello everybody.  Carol’s Mom is home and is doing OK.  Carol spends the day with her. 

People have asked if we are getting out of RVing.  Not even a subject.  We are considering downsizing.  Our favorite is a Winnebago Journey 36M.  Haven’t found that dealer giving them away yet.  Five states down and 45 to go.

Not sure when we are leaving Columbia, Md (Balto).  Not sure where we are going.  Not sure when we will get there where ever there is.  Typical full timer answer.  We are usually in some type of jello schedule but the jello isn’t even mixed yet.  Way too many variables.

We are expecting our 3 AC shrouds Monday.  Now to get them installed.  I replaced the brushes in the washer/dryer motor and it’s working great.  The hardest part of that ordeal was getting it out and back in it’s place.  The Beast I washed last week but it has rained just about everyday except today (Saturday).  The tires are very clean and the wheels are shiny and ready to roll.  I checked with one of Carol’s brothers, the diesel mechanic, who said to wait on changing the transmission fluid and the antifreeze.  The mileage and time isn’t there yet.

So, don’t know when the next blog will be out.

See ya…….