Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Expectations Exceeded so Far

We spent last night in Ocala, FL at a Passport America Park called Motel and RV Park.  Not what I would call a destination park but it had full hook up 50 amp pull thru for $17.  Not too many blue tarps.

We only had about 100 miles to go and we left about 8 AM.  Shortly there after we got a call from Tiffany, Lazydays inbound person, updating us about the new rig and where to come in and what to expect.   Then we got a call from our new salesman saying he would be in to see us around lunch time.  It’s his day off.

We arrived and got immediately checked in by the front office.  We were taken to our site and our Beast was then inspected.  It took about a half hour with no problems. The check in guy, Alan, said he been doing the inspections for about 6 years.  He had some interesting stories.  Then he took us to get our Crown Cards.  They entitle members to free breakfasts, lunches and heavy appetizers for dinners while here.  Also free drinks for all meals along with 3 alcohol drinks with dinner.  This is all in an upstairs night club setting.  Not very crowded either.  We were the youngest by about 15 years would be our guess.

We saw our new rig from the outside while it was in a bay being worked on (sat TV).  Carol said, “Isn't it a cute little thing.”  I guess the “pansy blue” made it a little on the girly side.  I’ve lost my manhood for sure.  Guys won’t be turning their heads to take a second look.  The ladies will be saying that’s a pretty color as they stare.

Our salesman visited us and we talked for about 1 hour or so.  The Pansy rig went into the cabinet shop late today for removing the stove and adding the drawers in it’s place.  The ladder is on along with the slim line HD sat TV.

Tiffany stopped by to make sure we knew what was going on with the new “Pansy” rig.  She was really nice and knew her job well, keeping customers posted on their rigs status.  Expectations are being exceeded so far.

Well, I lost our key to the door to the Beast.  I got to goose Carol into an unlocked window.  I haven’t heard her laugh like that for decades or was that screaming.  Where’s my camera.  Oh well, here are some calm pictures of our area where we are parked waiting for Carol’s cute little new RV. DSCN2004 DSCN2005 DSCN2003DSCN2006 DSCN2007

See ya……