Friday, July 12, 2013

Cabin Fever Setting In

Baltimore should be in Oregon.  It has rained everyday except one since being here for over two weeks.  I’m glad this Beast has no water leaks.  The Pharton we would have had our own indoor swimming pool.

I did get some time on the Beast’s roof between some rain drops.  I replaced the AC shrouds (3).  Even though the Beast is going to be traded in I still felt that I should replace them.  Besides, the dealer would have charged me a lot to replace them on the pre-inspection trade in.  I had already ordered them and they were really needed.

Removing the 4 large solar panels, wiring and the controller will be fun.  More fun will be covering the bracket holes where they were attached to the new roof.  Our new home has six 12V Group 31 AGM batteries besides the two chassis batteries.  I might not put the solar on right away.  It will be a very big hassle with moving in and then heading for Nevada to work.  We’re going to let the manufacture put the sat TV dish on the roof.  We got two TV’s in the living room.  That will be interesting.  It also has Rand McNally’s GPS system with a 10” screen in the dash.  That should be cool.  It will have MCD shades through out.  We had MCD’s before and really love them.

I called the new coach manufacture.  Our unit won’t have a ladder.  It’s not standard or even an option.  I guess they figure if you can afford the coach you can afford to have someone else get on it.

See ya….