Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cooled Down Below 100 Degrees

NOT…….  Our 50 AMP breaker got so hot it blew.  I could barely touch it to turn it back on it was so screaming hot.  I turned off our electric hot water which wasn’t really doing much work anyhow.  Then I put the frig on LP especially since the Beast will be traded in shortly.  This big monster will stay in the mid 80s inside if we don’t cook…duh.  That’s using one 1,500 btu AC.

Well later that day I realized we burnt half the 50 AMP circuit breaker so two ACs and the washer/dryer  would not work individually, but everything else did.  We called maintenance and about an hour later they replaced the 50 AMP circuit breaker.  OK now we are up to 3 ACs but can run any two of course (normal).  We got it down into the 70s but it took several hours.

Oh, I saw our Beast advertised on Lazydays web site as an inbound unit for sale.  How much……$196, 000.  That’s about 30% profit.  They want to make 60 grand at that price.  If you are buying a used RV think of this.  SO, don’t think that dealers are only making just a little money on your trade…..BULL.  Plus they are making another $15,000 or more on the new RV with our deal.

OK where is the park we are at.  It’s here!  It’s a Coast To Coast Park.  Don’t know if it belongs to any other membership organizations.  It’s called Shenandoah Crossing Resort and Country Club and it is.  It’s near Gordonsville, VA off route 33.  I say it’s the best park we have ever stayed in hands down.  Carol says that Hart Ranch near Rapid City is pretty good too.  They sell condo time shares here.  They have the condos along with log cabins on big lots and all that kind of stuff.  They have stables and other “stuff” for the vacationers.  They just closed the golf course.  This place is nice and the sites are outstanding – the best of the best. Oh, three RV parks here but there not real real big.  Coast to Coast is a $10 a night system but this one has always charged more.  It’s $20 a night for this one.  We’ve coming here for many years.  Oh, cable TV and internet too at each site (free- sorta).

See ya……