Saturday, July 27, 2013

Not So Fast Dragon Breath

Well, at 8:45 AM today (Sat) we got a call from Lazydays top notch salesman, Rod,  according to the sales manager.  He was on the ball I will say that.  He knew the whole story from the sales manager and we went over OUR conditions.  This RV is the one that they have on their lot that we kinda bought before.  Rod will contact their cabinet shop and check about removing the oven and putting in drawers like Carol wants.  He said that adding a TV sat dish and ladder has been approved and at the original price difference with no additional Lazydays fees.  It has about $4,000 more worth of options that we really don’t care for like the sleep number bed, outside TV, etc.  He did mention it had factory solar on the roof.  I just let it slip by for now.  He said he would call back within an hour and half about when, etc.,  on the oven change over thing and a ready date.

I got fuel yesterday (Friday) for the Beast for $3.59 a gallon.  It took 95 gallons (150 gallon tank) – ouch!  Most places around here are at $3.65 and $3.69.  It’s going back up again if you didn’t know.  Carol’s Mercury is hooked up to the Beast and all slides are in.  We are ready for sure……BUT not to fast dragon breath as Johnny Carson use to say.  

At 9:30 we got the call.  It was just like at Burger King,  we are having it our way, all the way!  It should be ALL ready close of business Wednesday or maybe Thursday due to the cabinetry work.  The paperwork will be sent to us today to include the additional desired options.  We will leave here Sunday for the 1,000 mile trip and take it easy.  That’s about 300 some miles each day.  They will put us up in the Crown Club site area upon arrival Tuesday.

High Noon at OK Corral.  Email with a copy of the contract and additional items received.  We are also getting the solar AND an underneath freezer.  Hey what can I say. 

It’s OK and just about time to get out of Dodge.  that will happen tomorrow, Sunday.

Now today we will put a few things back into the Beast to carry and put into the new rig to carry us over.  We will take clothes for a 10 day trip plus laundry detergent.  I have to put a sewer and water hose back in the Beast just in case. 

See ya…………………