Sunday, July 14, 2013

New RV Again!

Our new rig will only have two 1350 btu AC’s.  That’s the way I want it.  You can keep those 1500 AC’s.  If I turned off everything in the Beast and had a good 30 AMP line coming in, I  could run two AC’s at once for about 20-30 minutes.  Now with the littler AC’s I should be able to run both at the same time at least that’s what I’m hoping.  The 2014 Winnebago’s have no weep holes in their new style windows.  They are flush with no outside frame.  Pretty neat looking.  I never really liked the weep holes and usually covered half of them up with black tape.  I was told the weep holes were for condensation & rain water drainage.  The new RV should be a little more air tight.  If you didn't already know, we’re getting a 2014 36M Journey from Lazydays in FL.   It should be ready for pick up about mid September.  I will get into the costs later on.  We had two Winnebago's in the past and I guess we should have stuck with them.  Oh well, what’s a few hundred thousand dollars for a lesson learned.  This one will really belong to the bank and will let us use it for 20 years at 4.24% interest.  After twenty years, it will be worth how much we would owe on it then – not much.  I will get into the options and all that later on.  This will have Carol’s floor plan, interior colors, outside colors, and most options (all).  Yes, it’s her coach.  A happy woman is a happy man they say.  It’s time to get HAPPY!

Well folks, you’ve asking how’s Carol’s Mom is. For an 85 year old who now weighs about 80 some pounds, not very good. Hospice was out Saturday and talked to the family. They will be doing some checking and get back.

Monday morning  we are heading down to VA to see our son and maybe our grandson. We will also do some camping with two of Carol’s brothers down there.

We then make a quick trip to Livingston, TX to unload the Beast. Mid August Carol will be flying back to Baltimore and spend another 3 weeks with her Mom. After delivering the Beast to FL, I will return to TX for  some of Mark’s home brew COLD beer.  TX in July, August and September. OK, that wasn’t really smart! Some things you just have set back and let it happen. That’s assuming you got good AC of course.

Seems like this year so far has been our hot and wet year.  2014 I think will be our cool and wet year (Alaska).

See ya….