Thursday, August 1, 2013

Lazydays Failed Just Like Most dealers

They delivered the coach without doing a check out of the coach.  They delivered the coach at 5:15 PM Wednesday and quickly departed. One slide did not open, hot water heater LP or electric did not work,  house instruments did not work right, washer flooded the floor, entrance step cover did not work,  frig door and water dispenser did not work or poorly, some window moldings were loose, stains on tile floor, cabinet colors did not match and the list continues.  Then we go outside, the paint sucks with over spray, orange peel and buff burning and that list goes on and on.  We were hostile with disappointment. 

I was wondering around at 6 AM the next day Thursday and found someone who evidently cared.  By 9 AM things were rocking with white shirts and ties, executive type people.  We vented on all of them.  They said they did a “shitty job” and apologized all over the place and admitted to be at 100% at fault.  Well, they are lining up to make the unit good.  They took the coach back and it’s being worked on like their job depends on it – duh….  It looks like their repair, cabinet and paint shops will have it for a few days.  Next Tuesday a big executive will be coming from Winnebago and we (& the coach) are on his list to see.  Some problems are Lazydays and some are Winnebago’s.  We don’t friggin care – FIX IT!  We have not spent a night in the new unit yet and refuse to at this point. 

The Beast is doing fine and likes being in two full hook up sites with shade.

Lazydays went from being an outstanding professional company to the bottom of the deep blue sea.  Their free meals/mixed drinks are great, we do have to say that.

See ya…..