Monday, August 12, 2013

Loosey Goosey Gang Update

If you wanted to go to Alaska in 2014 as part of the Loosey Goosey Group and haven’t received any emails addressed to the Loosey Goosey Group in the last couple of months, then I don’t have your name.  This is very possible since some wanabees we were suppose to meet at the Escapade and a few other places didn’t happen.  Life threw us some curve balls and I think I have lost some names.  So, email us and we will try again to get you up to date information.

Fuel here in Livingston has gone down to about where it was when we were here in 2012 and 2011.  That’s about $3.59 a gallon.  Glad it’s coming back down but it’s slow.  Usually it starts going down after Memorial Day but this year it didn’t.  Now I saw on TV that it’s expected to be going down even after Labor Day.  AND next year is suppose to be the lowest in 3 years.  Good because that’s when we head for Alaska, 

We will be heading for Fernley, NV mid September to work for Amazon.  It’s about 1,900 miles and we will do it in about 6 days.  We want to stay in Livingston as long as possible so Carol can finish loading up the Beast when she returns from Baltimore September 4th.  OR maybe it’s because she can get more line dancing in.   She gave me some honey poos I mean honey do’s to get done.  I will move into the Beast shortly after it returns from the repair shop.  It’s home and that’s where I’m most comfortable.  The mobile does have more room but it’s not home.