Thursday, August 8, 2013

Busy As Bees

In the morning we started going thru our “stuff.”  For lunch we went our normal Thursday get together at the local Mexican restaurant.  We ate with friends and solved local problems vice the world problems.  It was fun.

The Beast’s fresh water inlet was broke.  I broke it taking off the quick connector before going to Florida.  It really leaked bad when hooked up to a hose.  I got a mirror and looked underneath.  I then took it apart.  What’s a few screws?  I can undue any screws.  I’m use to screwing things up.  I’m in dangerous territory now…water.  I will go to the local RV store later.

We went to the Escapees 4 o’clock here at Livingston.  Must have been at least 9 of us.  They sung Happy Anniversary to us.  Afterwards we went to the RV parts store and they had my part.  $30 and we left.  We went to Florida's Rib Restaurant for our Anniversary dinner.  We didn’t have ribs.  Don’t figure.  Instead Carol had shrimp and I had catfish.  I love their catfish.

We got back to the lot and I started working on installing the water inlet.  I only got really wet two times.  I was afraid to tighten things to much.  It’s installed.  Next week the Beast goes into the shop to check out some electrical short comings that we’ve had since new.  Might as well get them fixed.  Also reinstall the wheel balancers and some other stuff.” Hey, it’s cheaper than a new rig!

I won’t even go into what I have to put on or back into the rig.  It’s a page long and does not include the stuff in the garage.  Piece by piece we can put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

GEICO insurance is having a problem reinstating our insurance.  It went up $800 a year and they know it’s wrong but can’t change it or explain it.  They got some supervisors trying to figure it out and have credited our account so as not to get the increase…duh.  We have insurance no matter what.

Carol arranged our Dr’s appointments for next Tuesday.  She fly's out the next day.

So what did you do today…..?

See ya….