Saturday, August 17, 2013


I slept in until 7:30 AM this morning (Saturday).  It’s been a very long time since I’ve done that.

WHY….. I’ve gotten A LOT of emails about why are we still going to deal with Lazydays and Winnebago.  Plus I  received the story about the people who where buying a Winnebago 42’ Tour and had all sorts of problems with it.  They really have gotten their story out there.  What’s interesting is it’s the only one story so far.  That is great but it is only one story.  People who get the word out like that make it easier for us and hopefully a better product for all of us.  Ours should be going on the assembly line soon and maybe their poorly made Winnebago will help in the making of ours.  If not, we don’t take it.  It’s that simple.  WHY Lazydays again.  I talked to their new CEO/President, Tim Sheehan, and I think he got an eye opener with our attempt to purchase concerning their people not doing their job of prepping a coach for delivery.  I really think things have changed already.  Time will tell in October.  Bottom line, we walk away and keep the Beast – no problem!

Those that have sent me the Winnebago 42’ Tour story, Thanks but I have enough copies now….wow do have a lot of them!

The Beast is getting loaded slowly and not with all of our stuff.  We figure we will load about 75% of our stuff into the Beast to put into the new one after delivery.  Easy switch over and don’t have to figure where everything goes all at once.  We basically already know what we will down size to and that is the 75% we are loading.  We ain’t but a whole lot into the Beast.  Last time we didn’t really put anything in the Beast.

The living room in the mobile is almost presentable.  All I had to do was move my junk back into the Beast.

I went over to Sue & Jon’s for dinner.  We had chili stew on rice.  It was pretty good.  We sat around and talked about everything to include a route to Alaska for them.

See ya…..