Thursday, August 22, 2013

“You Want To Do What!!!!!”

It’s 6:45 AM and “You want to do what?” said the lady at the Customer Service at Walmart.  I said this computer was bought here at Walmart by my 82 year old Mother two months ago and she don’t want it.  It’s more than she can handle.  She’s in the local nursing home, wheel chaired bound and gave it to me to return.  Here’s her receipt.  She gave it to me and I would like to get an upgrade since it don’t have a DVD/CD slot. “Sir, computers only have a 15 day return policy. Let me check though.”  She picks up the phone and makes a call and gets a quick answer.  She turns towards me and says, “OK.”  Now that is what I call service above and beyond.  They didn’t have a computer that I wanted but it’s due in any day.  I got the gift card so no rush.

I got a picture of this little guy trying to sleep on my tire early this morning.  This was probably his first and maybe last time sleeping on a tire.  DSC_0007

Then there’s the cat.  She owns Carol’s new chair.  Why is everybody sleeping in so late – 8 AM.  I guess I should be down in Mexico where they get up early and then take naps in the heat of the day.  That sounds good to me.DSC_0003

I ran over the portable step pad to the RV the other day.  I was at West RV Repair shop and bought another one.  Seems like we use it all the time no matter where we are at.  Well, I was looking around in the barn and guess what I found?  Another friggin portable step pad.  I guess I still have a spare in case I run over it again.  Maybe there's a RV in there somewhere.

Oh, I sold our golf cart to Mark for his sister.  She has a bad hip and really needs to get around where she & Mark live in the boonies.  It needs batteries and cleaning up.  I let it go very reasonable for her.  If it was for Mark I would charged him some where around double.

I’m getting my Mom’s Hummel collection organized to sell.   She has about 40-50 of the figurines.  She had several hundred years ago.  Jim & Lisa picked up 7 to sell on EBay.  We will see how that goes.  They are EBay sellers and do that in their part time if there is such a thing – part time for full timers.

See ya……