Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Lazydays & Winnebago

They are nothing more than a campfire story now and a good one.

Well, it took most of the day for Lazydays to undo the deal but it’s done.  We got our title back and our deposit.  We pulled out of Lazydays about 3 PM.  Well almost.  Security wouldn’t let us pass their gate.  Oh, my patience was just about gone when they let us out.  We were about 30 seconds from running the gate that was open.  It was so close.

We went to Flying J and filled up with 122 gallons at $3.91.  We know it was late in the date but we wanted to get out and away from the Tampa area.

Oh before we left we talked with the Winnebago guy.  The rear end of the RV, the cap, was installed crooked at the factory.  I asked for some type of compensation for our expenses and heartburn on another one and he just kinda laughed.  We did too as we left.  The Beast is looking pretty dog on good about now.

We got about 175 miles down the road and ran in one bad rain storm.  Cars were acting stupid so we decided to get off I-10 exit 258.  We found a closed down truck stop with plenty of parking and no one else around.  There was a McDonalds across the street and a Denny’s about 100 yards south.  It was a quiet night. 

We get an email from Amazon asking us to come to work on 7 September.  Carol has reservations to fly to Baltimore from Houston on 14 August and return 4 September.  She will be visiting her sick Mom.  Time is a little tight.  We emailed Amazon and explained our situation.  They will give us a new date later this week.  Remember the Beast is completely empty.  Carol don’t want me to load her “stuff” which is everything inside the Beast.

Everyday is an adventure…

See ya.