Friday, August 9, 2013

Ran Into the RV

Man it’s hot & humid.  Over 100 degrees yesterday.  We’ve been in real hot/humid weather for a long time it seems.  Let me think.  Had to be after Gillette, WY when ever that was.  Towards Baltimore and around there and VA.  Then it was to here in Livingston.  Then to FL and now back to here.  Plus we will stay here until about early September.  Usually we just leave and head for cooler weather.  We’re committed to stay here.  Carol flys out and returns here.  We got doctor appointments.  That’s so we can stock up on our meds for AK next summer.  Then it won’t be hot for sure.

Not sure if I mention our start date for Amazon.  They said 7 Sept and then at our request they changed it to 21 Sept.  We needed some breathing room to go the 1,900 miles to get there.

I’m not rushing to get the Beast reloaded because it goes into the shop Thursday.  That’s the best reason to drag my feet besides it’s hot.

Carol was doing some weeding and left her tools out across from the Beast.  Well, driving in I tried to miss them and did but I ran over our portable entry steps into the Beast.  It’s history.  Now is that a RV accident or an auto accident?  When I order our new china toilet from PPL I will add the steps.  Our toilet doesn’t hold water.  Been like that for about 6 months or so.  I could rebuild it but I did one of those rebuilds many years ago.  It’s not pretty.  Sounds like Carol will be getting a new flower pot for the yard.

I did have a burnt out headlight in The Beast.  I took care of that today and it was real easy like changing a light bulb.  I tried to rejuvenate on old water softener.  It ain’t working so far.  I ran regular salt thru it 4 times and the water is still not soft.  The water softener is the one that use’s fake salt.  I was recently told by a water softener guy to just run regular salt thru it.  Well, it hasn't worked yet.  I test it by putting a drop of soap in a glass of “soft” water and shaking it.  I also did that with a glass of “unsoft” water.  Same results which means no difference to me.

One more thing.  We took my Mom to Florida’s for ribs.  She loves their ribs.  I wore my orange Florida's T-shirt.  I was a big hit with Miss Florida herself.  Last time here I spilled my ice tea within one minute of receiving it.  They threaten me this time to give me my ice tea in a kid’s sippy cup.  I would have used it.

It’s 5:30 AM.  Time to get some things done in the Barn.

See ya…..