Saturday, August 3, 2013

Lazydays – Going Going ……

This morning (Saturday) I talked to Mr Sheehan, CEO of Lazydays.  He said any time we want to resend the deal he would make it happen.  He got the financial manger to see what it would take.  He confirmed that it would be done whenever we wanted to.  Mr Sheehan made it clear they won’t hold the contract over our heads because they don’t business like that.  He apologized for ALL the problems we’ve had due to the failure of Lazydays not preparing the coach properly.  He was already aware of our situation.  So we can make our decision any time to leave and get a full refund with NO PROBLEMS.  What ever we decide he and his staff will support.

We stopped by to see our (?) new coach later and it was in the detail shop.  They had lightly compounded the entire unit, then buffed it completely and then waxed it.  This baby shines.  Oh, the wheels are polishable and they SHINE.  They are now polishing the tile floors with a light polishing compound.  It goes to the paint shop later today I was told for the few chips in it.

Either Monday or Tuesday the  person from Winnebago will be looking at the misalignment of the tow bar to the frame/body.  Hopefully that is all it is.  I looked at it real good and I saw it as that.  Somebody is not smart enough from Lazydays to look at it from the under side like I did on my hands and knees (today).  They think it could possibly be a bent frame worse case.  I don’t think so at all.

We have been getting very little sleep the last three nights.  Tonight we think we will knowing we can walk away anytime at no cost.

See ya……