Tuesday, August 13, 2013

102 Degrees

At 4:30 PM here in Livingston our outside temperature in the shade was 102 degrees AND it is humid.

This morning we went to our Dr (60 miles) for our annual check up and get new prescriptions.  No problems, blood work pending.

Then we went to the Social Security Administration in Conroe.  What a zoo!  Carol checked on her pending SS and found out she didn’t complete the application on line.  She did it there using their computer and all is well – again.

We got back to the lot about 1:30 PM or so.  It’s hot in the mobile.  The temperature is set at 75 but it’s over 80 degrees inside.

This is not RV stuff but we are kinda stranded until we leave in September.

Carol goes on a 3 week vacation tomorrow afternoon.  Here I come Whataburger &  Popeyes……..and the toilet seat stays UP!

See ya……