Saturday, August 24, 2013


This is letter one of five letters that I have prepared for those that are going to Alaska in 2014 as Loosey Goosey members.  I’ve been asked what is Loosey Goosey.  Here’s what it means to us.

         ALASKA 2014 (Letter One)

This is a letter of general intentions about the Alaska Loosey Goosey Trip. There will be a lot of choices both in activities, time and places as you will find out during YOUR adventure.

Loosey Goosey. It means to be very flexible and try to take things in stride and not personal in our group.  If you see someone in the group leave either in their RV or vehicle, don't feel that you have been left out. If you ask somebody if they want to ride with you somewhere and they say no, don't take it personal. Check your deodorant though. Don't feel obligated to go with others when asked. Don't give a lot of thought is the key why people do or don't do things with or without you. Do what you really want to do or not do. We all have moods. Some more than others as we know. We are all adults. Notice I avoided the word mature. We should be open enough with each other to respect others wishes without an explanation. That's loosey goosey folks.

We will not travel bumper to bumper like in a large caravan. Some people will travel by themselves sometimes. Some might travel in small groups. Groups may be necessary at times due to expected road conditions or things to see or places to stay. You are encouraged to leave early or late each day. Then stop along the way for 10 minutes or hours or even a night or two. Some of us will spend nights in the same general area but not always. A few nights we might be right next to each other. At some locations we will each have the option of several RV parks or boone docking. A few places not many choices or none. BE VERY FELEXIBLE is the key and it will be a lot more enjoyable. This is your Adventure...enjoy it the way that you want is the key! Don't get hung up on doing things as a group. Sometimes it might be and sometimes not. It's Loosey Goosey.

We will normally have set outs (socials) in the afternoons for those that are around. We will just relax and relate what we did or saw that day. This is where we share our experiences and laughs. Bring snacks for YOURSELF and drinks if you desire. Eating in your rig or eating out are always your choice no matter where you are at. Breakout those grills. Not very many pot lucks, probably a few cook outs!

There is no charge what so ever for the planning and execution of your adventure as a Loosey Goosey member.

Your Loosey Goosey Leaders, Dennis & Carol, the guys with the very orange Jeep & The Little Green Man


**** The other four letters contain information about the trip itself to include a rough schedule that will change as soon as we leave probably.  Please excuse my grammar and spelling. You get the point is what counts.

See ya…….