Monday, August 19, 2013

I Did What?

I put this chair together that we got down at Lazydays.  It took about an hour.  I might as well been drinking with the instructions they gave.  It’s together and only one part left over.  His and hers.  I wonder if they both will fit.   The one on the right is Bob’s chair like in Bob Tiffin.  It’s a campfire story.DSC_0010


Then I did what?  This was after I did the dishes, clean the cat litter box, took out the garbage (again), did the laundry – two loads (that’s woman talk for I threw clothes in twice), picked up the mail (no bills or they didn’t make it back), made ice tea (strong) and even did a little vacuuming.  I gotta go take a nap.  That only lasted about 10 minutes when AMAZON called me.  They wanted to know why we weren't going to work for them.  After I told her she was probably thinking thank goodness their not coming!  Especially when I said I wanted her job.  I  don’t think I burnt that bridge but I think it’s on fire.  Yes, we are not going to Amazon to work.  So we are buying a new rig, not going to work and going to Alaska next year.   I figure we will run out of money somewhere around Chicken, Alaska and will have to wash RV’s there for money.  OR we can pan handle.  We’re PO Folks.  Hey, Everyday’s An Adventure.

The barn’s floor was covered with stuff that came out of the beast.  Only a few things left now.  DSC_0002

We always parked the RV in the wide open space up front.  This time I parked behind the mobile because I can.  It don’t get all the sun on the backside site.  50 AMP FHU of course. DSC_0008 DSC_0001

The boys are standing guard.DSC_0005

I know where a fox hides nearby.  It might be it’s den.  It’s an ugly looking thing.  No wonder.  Look what’s its been eating.DSC_0006

Poo on the blog…. yes I did.


The other day I ran over our portable step with the car.  You know, the car with the back up camera.  I need a forward camera.  Where’s Ed when I need him?  He can weld anything.DSC_0004

Dinner… ate out with Lisa & Jim at a local Mexican restaurant.   It was great both in conversation and food.   I had something called Donkey.  I would get it again for sure.

See ya……….