Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Non RV Stuff

Let me see what I did.  I played with the tire pressure on the Jeep.  I had a dash sign that said I had low air pressure in one of my tires.  It doesn’t say which one like my Pressure Pro on the Beast.  So this happened going down the road.  I stopped and they LOOKED OK.  Later I checked with an air gauge.  They were all at 30 lbs.  On the driver door it says they should be at 36 lbs.  OK, I broke out our Sears Air Pumper upper.  Of course I didn’t have the right connections.  I had bought a new 50 ft air hose and hadn’t hooked it up yet.  Then I had to go look for the parts to get it connected.  Between the mobile, barn and the Beast I found them and put them on.  OK, now where looking good.  I aired the Jeep tires to the 36 lbs.  We’re not going off road any time soon so the 36 lbs will be fine.  Opps, I filled them up to the 36 lbs but it was that other measurement (Canadaian?) on the new in line air gauge.  So now I had to let air out of the tires.  So, everything is OK finally.  I get in the Jeep and it still says Low Air Pressure.  I drive it around the block and it still says Low Air.  I stepped back from the Jeep.  Then I saw the problem.  Does anyone know?  I'll let you know tomorrow.

Jon Glick come over to see if he could fix my computer.  It’s not letting me log into Coast To Coast.  He tried and tried.  He walked away shaking his head.  See, it’s not just me.

I saw Dave Wilson working on his RV roof.  I thought it was time for me to watch someone else work.  As soon as I got there he stopped working.  That’s not entertaining at all.

I went to Walmart earlier for McDonald’s breakfast inside there.  I had a sausage burrito.  For a buck it fills me up.  I took another one home for tomorrow.  At Walmart I also got some Folgers instant coffee.  I’m OK with instant coffee and I wanted some for my mornings.  I think we got some somewhere but a quick look resulted in couldn’t find it.

So that’s about a day in a non RVers life.  I peddled around in boxes going “Oh Yea!”

See ya……