Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dawson Creek May 2011

Here’s the famous sign that everybody gets their pictures at and the Loosey Goosey Gang of 2011.  DSC_0015

BUT, here’s the real Milepost 0 downtown.DSC_0012


Here we are out at the campground “BS”ing.DSC_0005-1


I got this nice lady from the visitor center to come out and give us a little talk about Dawson Creek.  I don’t know why she was laughing but she could hardly talk.DSC_0021


Carol is calling me.DSC_0047

I don’t know why she just didn’t use this phone out in the middle of no where special.DSC_0052 

DSC_0002 DSC_0007 

Carol trying to pick up another kitty.  Looks  like a double for ours.DSC_0075


“You calling me?”DSC_0085

I cooked breakfast one morning and nobody showed up.  I guess I forgot to tell anybody it.  I ate all the taters and eggs by myself.  Oh, maybe I planned it that way.DSC_0001

See ya…