Monday, August 26, 2013

Fuel Stops Alaska

(Letter 4)

Alaska Fuel Stops

There has been questions about availability of gas/diesel going to Alaska and rightfully so. Yes, they have fuel available just like big old Texas does. Bigger the city the less expensive it is just like down here in the lower 48 states. Alberta, British Columbia and the Yukon have fuel too. Those vehicles that have smaller fuel tanks will have to get fuel sometimes in the small places and pay more. They will be listed in the Milepost as you go along and not below. If you get dangerously low let others know. Those with small tanks consider carrying an extra fuel can or two but don't get carried away. Fuel is not scarce it just costs more in other areas.

Here's a listing of the bigger/favorite fuel stops in sequence going to and touring Alaska via the north route to Fairbanks first. This list is not complete nor exact.

Dawson Creek Mile Post ZeroDSC_0015

To Watson Lake 600 miles DSC_0047

To Whitehorse 425 miles DSC_0005

These fuel stops are in ALASKADSC_0097

To Scotties fuel stop 300 miles

To Tok 90 milesDSC_0012

To Fairbanks 225 miles

To Anchorage 450 miles

Back to Anchorage 600 miles

To Glen Allen 500 miles

Back to Tok 300 miles

Back to Scotties 90 miles

Departing ALASKA

Back to Whitehorse 620 miles

You should have the hang of it by Whitehorse on the return route or have ran out of fuel several times. This will give you a rough idea as to what to expect. Miles are approximate so don't yell at me when they're off.

We had a 150 gallon fuel tank in 2011, no problem. We went up in 2000 with a 36 gallon fuel tank and one 5 gallon portable tank, no problem. We have had 100 gallon fuel tanks on the other trips and will have on our next adventure, no problems.

So you don't have to worry about fuel but just pay attention and have fun like we did. DSC_0022

That's all folks...