Saturday, August 10, 2013

Where’s That Money Tree?

Yesterday we went to the bank to cash Lazydays check.  It was a return in part of our deposit.  Didn’t won’t to hold onto that baby very long.  That’s part of our Alaska money.  The other part of the deposit was a charge for $5K.  That also hit as credit into our charge card account.  Now that’s all done except for the $1,200 we lost in fuel for the trip back and forth.  No, Lazydays or Winnebago won’t pay for that.  The money is a little tight this month.  Maybe that money tree is growing in the lot here as a weed.  We’re rich in that case.

This morning I started about 6 AM.  I had to find my automatic wheel balancers which I did.  Then I put them in the Beast to be installed later.  Next was to wash the Jeep since it was pretty dirty from just setting 2 weeks under trees.  No problem.  I used the water softener and it seems to be working.  Very few water spots. 

Next was to get all the sewer lines straighten out.  While in Gillette, WY I had to buy a 15 footer to hook up to the sewer.  I carry a 15’ and a 5 footer.  I was short.  We get to Livingston eventually and unloaded everything except the 15’ sewer and head for FL.  We get there and we are 15’ short again.  Had to buy another one. So when we got back to Livingston we have sewer hose up the ying yang.  Pun intended.  Plus we have more sewer hose in Livingston.  I would say we got somewhere in the neighborhood of about 100’ of good sewer hose.  How much will we leave with?  I think two 15’s and one fiver.

Electrical lines.  Our 50 AMP electrical cable comes out of the middle of the coach.  The 50 AMP will barely reach the rear of the coach.  So I carry an extra 20-25 feet of 50 AMP cable.  I carry two 50 to 30 AMP adapters and one 30 to 15 AMP plug.  Very seldom use that thing anymore.  Maybe up in Alaska was the last time.  I use to carry only one 25’ 30 AMP chord but I threw in an extra one for our lot use in AZ to run to the generator.  I also have one 50 AMP splitter that goes to a 30 AMP lug and a 110 plug.  I have a couple of electrical do dads that I will talk about another time.

While I was going threw my “stuff” in the barn I stepped on a gallon container of RV soap wash.  Go ahead and get ahead of me.  It’s funny even when it was happening.  The jug broke wide open.  I had soap all over the place and on quite a bit of my “stuff”.  I don’t have to worry about wiping the grease off my “stuff” anymore.  I just can’t use any of it in the rain!

Then there is the Magna Shades.  I will talk about those damn magnets tomorrow.  They hurt…

We went over Mark’s for dinner.  That boy has Cajun in him for sure.  It was really great.  His Margareta's were spot on.  We talked about getting ready for the Alaska trip.  Mark’s excitement needle is pegged for Alaska.  He’s ready!

See ya…….