Friday, August 16, 2013

Decision Day

Well, up and about again before the sun came up.  Went for my walk around the block.  Breakfast – egg & pepper cheese sandwich.  Then it was off to the garage to straighten up/organize some more.  Then it was time to cut some more grass (weeds).  Might as well take the three bags of garbage to the dump.  Not yet.  It costs a dollar a bag (big) to dump at the refuse place.  Hey, I sound like a non RVer with all this '”normal”  things like cutting the grass, working in the garage and going to the dump.  Think I will go set in the RV so I can pretend that I’m still RVing.

I woke up some people yesterday like Lazydays & Winnebago,  I was in one of those “WHY” moods.  They’re the ones that are or have or want to interfere with my piece of my RVing mind.  I just want them to be accountable for their lack of concern/actions about RVers in general and us at the moment.  They’ve pushed my button now I’m kinda pushing theirs.  It appears they are not use to that enough by us RVers.  Lets revolt!

Friday afternoon I got THE phone call from Lazydays.  They previously asked what would it take for another deal.  They accepted our deal on the rig we originally ordered in July.  They gave us everything we asked for which included a 7 year extended coverage with zero deductible, a few more options and another $2,500 off.  Then Winnebago called us and verified it along with the extra options.  I was told that it’s been flagged for the assembly line “special care.”  Shouldn’t they all be built that way!  Delivery about 3 October.

So, other than that, not much happening.

Oh, we won’t be going to Amazon to work.  Not because of the new rig but because they need to handle newbes differently that we were handled.  I didn’t care for what was happening the last month or so.  They wouldn’t give us a start date until what turned out to be thirty days out and it was in very early September vice October with no warning or asking.  Then they wanted us to contact some other big contracted company and give our personal info to that in turns sub contracts our personal info to another company…. STOP.  The end.

See ya……