Sunday, August 18, 2013

Opinions, Onions & Poison

I have readers who think I shouldn’t go back to Lazydays and Winnebago.  Well, why go to another dealer/manufacture that could/will do the same thing no matter what you tell them you have been thru previously.  They will be in disbelief and shake their heads and say, “Not us!”  Like what Judge Judy says about teenagers, “if their lips are moving their lying.”  I know how Lazydays is and they know what to expect from me.  They’re in the show me phase now.  If they want an opportunity to correct it, why not.  It only costs us time and fuel money.  Florida could be better in October anyhow if it don’t work out again.  Winnebago management – they know my name and what I expect or they wouldn’t have given me a call.  I know they can do better and we will give them another chance.  Why go take a blind test with another dealer/manufacture.  Besides, I like being right as most of us do.  They’re are always a few that rather go get screwed by another dealer/manufacture.  Takes all kinds as they say.

Anyhow……I got some good stuff from Lowe’s called Ortho Ground Clear.  It says to wear gloves, goggles and all that hazard duty stuff.  What caught my attention was that it said to take a shower and wash your clothes after using.  It’s Sunday time for a shower anyhow so I used the stuff.  It took me about 30 seconds to spill on my hand while filling the yard sprayer container.  I rushed and washed the stuff off.  Yepper…later my hand swelled and got real red.  Hey, this is great stuff.  I sprayed weeds and anyplace I didn’t want to grow.  Within 1 minute of emptying the bottle I was in the shower checking to see if anything else swelled up.  Nope, same ole, same ole, still……..

The Beast had a scratch on it so I thought I would remove.  It’s still our rig.  I used Turtle’s scratch remover.  It didn’t remove the scratch but the area all around it really shines.  I think it now says, “HERE’S THE SCRATCH.”

Oh, for breakfast I had onions.  Since the woman of the house isn’t here and it’s now a man cave, it’s time to cook onions.  I took three large onions, some butter I think it was and some cilantro.  Why cilantro?  Because it was next to the stove is all I can say.  That was a good breakfast.DSC_0007 DSC_0008

Then later I thru in a hunk of meat in the same pan.  The pan still had the butter from the onions.   After an hour the meat shrunk. DSC_0010 I will add some more water and cook it longer and see what happens.

Look what happened 6 hours later.  It turned into a meal.DSC_0011 DSC_0012

Not bad…..Lisa & Jim stopped over.  So I had guinea pigs.  It wasn’t spicy at all.  They left walking so it wasn’t too bad.

I took out the garbage.  So where’s the garbage can.DSC_0009

See ya………..