Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Now Hear This….

It was my spare tire was low…duh.

I took our three large bags to the dump in Carol’s nice car.  It needed that guy smell.  It’s not really a dump.  It’s a “collection point” meaning that they collect it in a big can, smash it (compact it) and then send it off.  I think it goes to Washington D.C. where the rest of the trash is……..

I went and visited my Mom and to take some Medicaid paperwork to the social worker there.  My Mom is doing OK.  She spent all day yesterday in the hospital checking her heart out.  Yep, she’s got one and probably cost all us (tax payers) several thousand dollars to make sure.  She bought a computer two months ago and now doesn’t want to mess with.  Yep, I got a new computer.  One of those touch screen things.  I use to touch my screen but it didn’t do anything.  I think they weren’t invented yet.  I was ahead of the time again.  I will take it back to Walmart and see if I can get an up grade.

I invited Jon and Sue over for dinner.  I made some chicken curry and needed some guinea pigs.  It seems these pre mixed curry dishes (add meat) just weren’t spicy enough so I added some Mexican dry salsa mix.  Now it had some spice too it.  Hey Carol, I’m getting rid of that old food.

They hadn’t seen our 2011 Alaska Power Point slide show so I got to show them that.  That really encouraged them even more to go to Alaska next year.  They will if it was meant to happen.  They started planning already.  Hope they can.

It’s 5:45 AM and there’s an owl hooting real close by.  That is until the neighbors little dog started yapping.  This is the first owl I’ve heard around here.  We got some raccoons that visit our garbage ever so often.  I think the raccoons are nearby because the cat is going wild.

See ya…..