Thursday, August 15, 2013

Weeds, Toilets and Stuff

I was up and walked around the block at 5:30 AM in the dark.  It was only 73 degrees out.  A front came in last night and cool this area down.

I hooked up the Jeep to the Beast and went to West RV for the Beast’s 8 AM appointment.  No problem in dropping it off.

Then I went to Walmart to return some stuff and get more stuff.  Had breakfast at Mickey D’s.

Got back to the lot and decide to cut some the weeds around where the RV is parked.  No gas in the mower which nowadays is probably good.  They had junk to the gas and it can cause engine problems if it sets too long.  All my gas containers were empty too.  Time to head for the gas station as soon as I get one of those safety caps off the dog on thing.  Got the gas and tried to fill up the mower.  Again, safety nozzle on the gas can.  I poured more gas on the mower than in it I think.  Real safe.  I cut the weeds down and then it was lunch time.  I went down to the littl Mexican cafe down the road.  Met the gang there and we fixed all the local problems.

After that I stopped to get the Beast.  $230 some dollars later I departed and returned to the lot.  I drove in the back way of our lot.  That was interesting by myself.  The Beast nor the Jeep fell in the ditch while I was making the sharp 90 degree turn.

My work outside yard work is done for today.  No need to rush it.  The weeds will just grow back anyhow.  This is for my honey….DSC_0006 DSC_0007

Here’s one of the chairs I have to put together.DSC_0004

The Beast is all closed up for today and ?????DSC_0005

OK girls, here’s how guys live.  We fall in ever once in awhile.DSC_0001

Tonight I had 4 minute noodles with left over Popeye’s chicken pieces in it.  Ohhhhh so good.