Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Yes We did

750 miles Wednesday.  We got to Livingston about 8 PM night just in time for America’s Got Talent.  Driving the Beast makes it pretty easy.  We usually were doing about 63-65 MPH.  We filled up with fuel near Beaumont, TX.  Fuel was $3.80 gallon.

When we pulled in we didn’t even level the Beast or unhook the car. We plugged in the juice and went inside the mobile. It was 95 degrees outside when we arrived. It seems like Texas is going thru a warming spell. Just what we didn’t need.

We got a call earlier in the day from my Mom wishing us a Happy Anniversary.   We both forgot it’s our 42nd anniversary August the 8th.  We just had too much other stuff going on and forgot it.

We got an email from Amazon in response to our request to change our start date of 7 September.  They changed it to 21 September and that gave us some breathing room for sure.  Carol flies out next week with a return date of 4 September I think.

I got 16 things and growing to do on my list to get the Beast up to par.  Things like align a compartment door, caulk around some outside orange lights, adjust the wiper arms, replace the water inlet screw in thing,  clean the K & N air filter,  check all fluids, reinstall some stuff and so on.  Mostly just little stuff that I’ve been putting off since we were trading it in.  NOT NOW!

See ya…..