Friday, August 2, 2013

Heaven or Hell?

We moved the Beast to the other side of our site.  Yes, it’s that big.  Our site has two full hook ups.  DSCN2004 DSCN2005 

The problem was that we were suppose to be here at Lazydays only a couple of days.  How foolish of me to think that.  We drove straight in and hooked up the Beast to 50 AMP a few days ago.  I didn’t bring enough sewer hose to make the dump and didn’t need to – I thought.  I turned the Beast around and backed into the other side thinking I would be able to hook up to the sewer – wrong.  I was 10 feet short.  I went and bought the cheapest 10 foot hose with connections which was $20.  It was a stretch but made it.  Now we are hooked up 100%.

We went and looked at another 2014 Winnebago to get an idea of how are cook top is suppose to look.  Guess who was there looking to?  The shop manager.  We talked and agreed that they didn’t do a complete job on ours.  He was going to overnight freight the Corian top and a few other things to make it right.

We were asked it we wanted the new unit Saturday evening due to Sunday they would be closed.  We said no thank you.  We don’t want it until it’s completely done.   We’re not that anxious anymore.  They’re aiming for Monday sometime to finish it.  I don't think so.  Besides, the Winnebago big wig won’t be here till Tuesday.  Lazydays wants him to look at the paint job and our rear hitch.  The hitch doesn’t line up with the frame or the body.  Lazydays can’t figure out what’s wrong.  Hopefully it’s a bent hitch.  I’m the one who noticed it being out of alignment of course.

We got a nice free site (knda – had to buy a new RV), no dust and no kids.  Plus three free meals a day (except Sunday) and free soda and booze.  The meals are outstanding.  What the hell……

When we moved I attached the water and bent the water inlet connector on the Beast.  It leaks bad so I filled the tank and turned the water off.  The old hose they will get to keep since it’s connected very tight.  We went to Walmart and bought a new 25’ RV hose and nozzle.  I plan to wash our car.  It hasn’t been washed and it shows it.

Oh, Lazydays made a sign for our windshield in the Beast.  It says, “Private Coach Do Not Enter”.  We are setting in the trade in/delivery area and people, mostly sales people, are looking to see what’s coming in.  Now they just look but don’t try to come in.  I guess my dirty underwear in the window didn’t work.  We don’t have any chairs to set out to watch the world go by.  Darn…..

Sales row – the big boys….Our row is just one over from this row.DSCN2007

This 5th wheel caught our eyes and rightfully so.  It’s a Newmar Mountain air with one real nice paint job.DSCN0019

Here’s are cute little rig off to the repair shop.DSCN0020

Our cat keeps us entertained.  DSCN0015

See ya….