Sunday, August 25, 2013

Alaska Letter 2

If you have no desire to go to Alaska then there is no need to read further.  It’s just some helpful hints about preparing for Alaska.

The Milepost Book comes out about March each year, try to wait - a must have.. is a one place to check around Feb for new issue.

Alaska Camping by the Church's is a great book on campgrounds - strongly suggest. - tour coupon book worth having, save $$$$- check it out, most people will have it.

Towing service...that tows in Canada and Alaska. Coach Net is suggested if you don't have one, should have one.

Vehicle Insurance - must be able to prove in Canada - contact your insurance company to get your proof.

U.S. gallon of fuel equals 3.8 liters.

Know fuel tank mileage capacities - fuel/gas no problem

Consider carrying extra air filter, fuel filters (diesel).

Wax all vehicles about 2-3 weeks before departure

If coming thru Alberta to Dawson Creek, BC., fuel up in Alberta. Diesel is up to 50 cents a gallon higher in BC

Check your credit card companies and see if they charge for using them in Canada. You might be surprised.

Protect front radiators - RV & tow vehicle - details later on

Windshield chip repair kit - nice to have just in case

Oil all hinges, locks on all doors, etc with a dry lube

Road Wrap for the front of your vehicle? Camping World stock #57200 100'X6" $10.49. Wider is available.

Stock up on canned food/meals.

Prepare/freeze easy meals of course.

Take portable LP Heater(s) if you have one.

Take a small electric heater.

Good skeeter repellant (deet) - several different brands.

Long Johns for boat cruises – yes.

Long sleeve flannel shirts are good.

Light & heavy coats – yes.

Swim suits - yes..for Laird Hot Springs + others, yes..yes..

Sandals - for showers, cheap.

Gloves - yes for boat cruises normally.

Rain gear to include bottoms - yes - quality, could wear a lot.

Rain shoes/boots/covers - nice to have ?

Ear muffins or hats with ear coverings - boat cruises

Hats - warm and other, you will appreciate.

Cameras/batteries - duh...

A U.S. dollar is equal to about a Canadian dollar (August 2013).

CARRY A GUN INTO CANADA - GO TO JAIL IF CAUGHT, IT'S THAT SIMPLE, plus they can impound your RV. They're serious about not wanting guns in Canada.

Take paper plates vice Styrofoam

Satellite your provider and ask for vacation mode & save money. You really can't get much if any satellite TV above Dawson Creek, BC.

Cell phone service in Canada.....expensive $ $ $. In Alaska about 60% coverage (Verizon). We turn ours off in Canada.

Internet.... usually at campgrounds and other places.

Web sites to look at and around in ......No special order:

For general information; Canadian Border Services Agency:

For visitors guides and provincial maps by the province from each one you visit, and much other information re. Canada go to, click in circle for pages from Canada and search "name of province & tourism".

What You Need to Know About Medicine for Human Use and International Borders" at:

General information RV vehicle insurance:


One source re. paperwork, fees, etc. to have your long barreled gun with you in Canada:

Provincial Parks in British Columbia... Usually $16 no hook ups or $5 to dump

Free or low cost camping in Alaska.. (or other states)

gas/dsl prices in the Yukon

That’s plenty for sure.

See ya….