Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Palmer & the Elks Club


The Elks Lodge sets right on Finger Lake. 


It has beautiful views of the lake andDSC_0005

the mountains.


  The RV sites are out back with room for about 20 large RVs with electric.  DSC_0007

Here are Ken & Jan’s RV with us next to them.  We drove 35 miles this AM from Anchorage.  Tonight we will cook up some halibut for Ken & Jan.  We then will probably go over to the lodge later and help the Elks by buying a few drinks.

The picture below is the tires/wheels of a big tractor trailer.  Notice the yellow “things” that are bolted to the wheels.  I didn’t know what they were so I asked.  They are looked at by the driver in freezing weather to make sure the wheels are turning and not froze up.  Pretty neat little invention.



I let Ken T. use the whale (500 mm lens).  He said the sign was moving around a lot and this was his best shot.  We all know how those signs move around.  Oh well, I guess he might want to use a tripod in the future.


Tomorrow we head north about 70 miles.  Stay tuned..

See Ya…………….

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