Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Let’s go !


Kitty says it time for some new adventures!


Wow, Anchorage broke records yesterday (Wed) with a high temperature of 81 degrees. We are saying, “You mean this isn’t normal ?”. Today I got shorts and a t-shirt on. Their complaint up here is that these high temps bring on a haze and combine that with the smoke from fires makes it look overcast in the distance. It looks like L.A. from the distance – smoggy. The fires in Alaska are pretty normal this time of the year and they are in very dense areas usually. When I take distance pictures I use filters and try to remove the haze with photo repair with some luck.

Today we start packing up for Seward, our move tomorrow. We just got an email from Diane H traveling north from Seward. She said that the road construction was completed when she came thru a couple of days ago. Guess I will give the wheels an extra shine today. The outside of the coach is pretty clean it just needs a little dusting. Up here we travel with our water tank full (100 gal) and empty gray/black tanks. We do this so we can stop and stay wherever we want without worrying about the minor stuff. It doesn’t hurt our fuel mileage and if it did, the peace of mind is worth it.

We bought a Rival fryer yesterday from Target. Anchorage has 3 Wal-marts and at least one Target here in Anchorage. It’s our first electric one. It uses 15 AMPS. I cooked some breaded tilapia fish, breaded yard bird (chicken) and recooked some brought home french fries. It was pretty neat. I strained the oil back into their containers and total loss was about 2 tablespoons of canola oil. I thought it would be a lot more, but it wasn’t. We will probably leave the fryer in Livingston.

Carol is feeling fine and I am getting along. I don’t won’t to shake my head because I might have some marbles fall out.

Time to get to work (play)….See ya…………..

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