Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Animals Birds Hwy

We took these pictures yesterday the day we left Seward.  The cats are watching two sea gulls down on the shore in front of them.  They enjoyed this site on the harbor front very much so.  We all hated to leave this site.DSC_0001



Here is a very active harbor seal.  Looks like he’s half asleep though.DSC_0004


Only a mother could love this close up of a sea otter.DSC_0006



This is a Horned Puffin.  It’s a very well know bird up here.DSC_0008


This puffin is a Tufted Puffin.DSC_0014


This little bird resembles a baby sea gull but it is full grown and is a Kittiwake.DSC_0015


People always want to know how are the highways are.  This is the Sterling Hwy and it was great.  It’s really easy to get lost in the scenery. Today was excellent weather. 














This little pull over place is a typical business you see up here in small towns.  It’s a grocery store, eatery, novelty and probably even has some fishing gear.  A lot of Ma Pa type stores up here.  There fun. DSC_0029

That’s all folks…….

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