Monday, July 27, 2009


Here is our sight.  Not too tight.  Lots of trees and the little park has Wi-Fi.  Carol backed it in.  I couldn’t watch.




Then we got a Riverboat Discovery 3.5 boat ride up and down the Tanana River from Fairbanks.DSC_0002


While on the Discovery we got to watch a sea plane take off and land.  I like the reflection in the water.  He looks like he is driving a 1965 VW – head in the windshield.  The airplane is a 1971 something or another.  New it sold for $5, 000.  Now it would cost over $100,000.  Talk about inflation.DSC_0012

Landing right on the money in a very short distance.DSC_0024


Alaskans remind me of Texans as they too are proud of their state.  This was in the yard of a house that our boat went by.DSC_0042


This is Dave Monson who is the husband of the late Susan Butcher.  Susan was the four time champion of the 1,100 mile Iditarod Dog Sled Race from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska.  While we were on the riverboat, Dave gave us a talk from the shore about dogs & sled racing.  He also did a little demo to show how the dogs love it.  It was very evident when the dogs got going and even before.DSC_0057


Look at those dog feet flying off the ground.DSC_0073

This is a flower.  That’s all I know…DSC_0139

This is a moose that hangs around Chena Village.  Thank goodness for the “whale” lens. Those who have visited Chena Village probably saw him too.  The locals call him, “Stuffy.”DSC_0160

Salmon drying out.DSC_0172 

Smoking salmon the old fashion wayDSC_0175


This coat was hand made and is very beautiful.  The college student wasn’t bad either. Nice socks & shoes!DSC_0178

Everything gets used up here.  We wouldn’t mind owning this blue tarp house.DSC_0188


Then you have the show offs.DSC_0212

What do you know, we saw two mouse today..DSC_0227


We went to the North Pole.  Santa wouldn’t turn around for me to take his picture.  He said I was a bad boy.  I say, ‘Yea, who is behind the barbed wire fence.”DSC_0231


As we headed back to the RV Park we noticed some smoke in the distance.  Alaska needs to raise the smoking age. (joke)DSC_0232


See ya…………….

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