Sunday, July 19, 2009

Alaska SKP potluck & Cook Inlet tides

Here we are in case you forgot what our mugs look like without going to the post office.  What the picture doesn’t show is that we are wearing long johns and have three layer of shirts on.  It was also raining and windy.  Spirits and fun where high due to Larry & Peggy Leonard collecting these SKPs for their get together.

07-19-09  Ninilchik 011


Here we are setting at their place in the woods and on the river.  They have built several buildings of which they call home for seven months out of the year.


We are munching down on the fresh halibut that Larry just caught and cooked for all of us.  Our tummies were full and Peggy & Larry gave each us halibut to take for future meals.  Wow what neat SKPs…



Tide was out this morning.DSC_0002



Tide was in this evening.  There was a lot of difference this time of the month.  The clam diggers were out this AM.  I was told they got a lot. DSC_0022


We are expecting at least a week of 50s for highs and wet weather here and up north to Denali National Park.  We are going to head for Anchorage tomorrow and figure things out there.  This weather just may help calm down the interior fires and rid us of some smoke hopefully when it clears.

See  ya……………….

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