Monday, July 13, 2009

Exit Glacier & Last night in Seward

Well, when you wake up and look out your front window that has ships and sea otters obstructing your view – it’s time to leave.  He ha ha…Yes that’s a cat in the upper right.




This sea otter stuck around all day.  Someone had to pay him some clams or something.  He would dive down and come up and eat “stuff” off his belly.



We then decided to go to the Kenai Fjords National Park and see the glacier they call “Exit Glacier”.  We figured it was appropriate since we are exiting tomorrow.  ha ha…


Exit Glacier



Exit Glacier again



and again …


that’s enough…. we hiked about 1 1/2 mile one way and ended up at the face – that was enough too….

If I want to get cold and see ice I open up our frig and look at the ice tray.  Plus, it’s cleaner but not that pretty blue for sure….


Here’s our evening out our front window.  Just because you have seen Exit Glacier now, don’t think that is ice on the windshield wiper. 

It’s called a wave breaking on the shore at high tide.


Tomorning – (means tomorrow morning)  Carol said I can use my gooder (means better) words if I explain them.  Anyhow, we are going to the Sea Life Research Center here in Seward, then leaving.

Did you know that Seward was founded by Mr. Seward.  I forgot his first name.  Well, he bought Alaska in the 1800s for 5 cents an acre from Russia. 

I think exgovernor Palin would sell Alaska back pretty cheap about now.  Her likeism (means people like her) has really dropped because she quit and went fishing (TRUE).  Alaskans don’t like quitters.  This is based on three locals I spoke to, so I guess it’s how all Alaskans feel.  Hey, I’m a pollster. 

So back where I started a few paragraphs ago.  When we leave around noonie (I think everyone knows what that is) we will head for the Elks at Soldotna.  If they are full we will just go on down the road…

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See ya………….

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