Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cat’s lazydays

This is where we moose hunt.  It’s about 35 yards away from us thru the woods.  It’s an inactive track based on the rust on the rails. So far just a lot of droppings about 20 feet into the bushes. 



This kitty is Patches.  She likes to go out and stay close to the RV on a leash of course.  DSC_0001


  This kitty is Rainbow.  She likes to go for long walks on a leash.  She walks the railroad rails for at least a mile each time.DSC_0003 

Both kitties were outside for several hours today and thus are tired.

We did nothing of interest today and we are tired of doing nothing.  Just one of those do nothing days.


I am getting read up/testing on the next phase of this blog.  I want to go to larger pictures and have a video clip in addition to the larger pictures.

People have asked what kind/model of camera I use.  It’s a 1.2 meg pixel Kodak digital camera with a 512K card.  NOT!  It’s a Nikon D90 with several lenses to include a 150-500mm lens.  I named the big lens the “Whale”. I have several filters that I play with and two tripods that I have never used.  I use an 8 Gig card which will hold about 1100 pictures with the JPEG on fine.  I have RAW available, but don’t use it. It’s probably a step up from JPEG, but it’s used more in the commercial side.  People who have helped me are numerous but do include Mel & Evelyn Nobis, Sharon Del Rosario, Diane H, Nick Russell, the girl at the camera shop in Anchorage and Ebay.  Of course, Steve  O’Bosky too.  Ahh, I forgot the most important one, my wife of 2 weeks (NOT), Carol.  That should get me a few points and a good dinner.

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