Friday, July 10, 2009

Seward Day Two

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Today started off at 55 degrees (5:30 AM) which is about little more than normal and it is smoky. Yesterday we could see the mountains across the bay through our front buggy windshield. So far today it’s been too smoky.  Pictures below.

Carol says to tell everybody there is no local TV here in Seward. They have a community TV down in the office. I guess it’s the new age “campfire setting” where people meet now. We watched the new TV series “On The Road” this past week. It’s pretty cool. Eight families were put in 8 RV’s and are going across the nation on old Rt 66. It’s still a game show where each week they will be competing at different places and thus the loser family goes home. It’s pretty funny watching these non RVers in these RVs. It reminds us of the movie “RV”. It also reminds us when we traveled with our kids. It’s the Same Ole Same Ole but now funnier watching someone else, of course. It comes on again Monday for sure and I think NBC. We will be in one of those community rooms early for sure.

We have noticed up here in Alaska that a dirty rig is very normal. When we see a nice clean shiny one up here we wonder how they did that. Down in the “lower 48” it’s just the opposite. We wonder how they got their rig so dirty vice so clean. Those people like me that must have a clean/shiny rig will go nuts up here. I am slightly ahead in the cleaning department and got one of those shiny rigs/wheels. It does draw attention.


Our slideout is a little close to the pole as you can see. We watched it very closely while putting it out. The slideout is actually over the pole. Carol put a piece of tape over the slideout button to remind us to be careful when we go to move it in. We are planning to raise the coach up in the front an inch or so just to make sure. DSC_0001 


When traveling in these short term tourist areas, we expect to be parked close with our neighbors rig especially up here. We are about 12 and half feet wide when fully opened like most new rigs. There have been times in the past where we only open one side and we get along fine. A lot of these campgrounds up here are in rustic areas and it’s not uncommon for them to run their own big diesel generator for the park. Bottom line – you will pay more for that small rustic site in that tourist area especially during their short seasonal time. Also, it’s easier to meet your neighbors thru your windows.  DSC_0003


Notice the mountain peaks in the distance.  We have been told that is mostly smoke.DSC_0004


Below - see the ship in the middle.  It’s across the harbor.  We drove our car to the other side of the bay.  It’s pretty. DSC_0012

Here are the ships a little closer.  They are monsters.DSC_0007


This is one of the Alaska trains that run up north to Fairbanks and many other places.DSC_0010


Might want to click on the picture below to read the sign.  When we drove across the bay we found this place.  Well, if you have to go to prison it might as well have a view.  That’s a glacier in the background.  “Resurrection Bay” is in front of it. I guess you can say the prisoners are on “ice” until they get out.  DSC_0022



Again, you never know what you will see up here.  It’s a junk yard below it.  No camera tricks.DSC_0024

That’s all folks.  See Ya……….

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