Friday, July 24, 2009

Flight today?

6 A.M.  I was asked about my Alaska Bucket List.  A Bucket List refers to things I want to do before the end.  So in this case, the end is the end of our Alaska trip.  I have three things I want to do in Alaska.  They are to see the Eagles at Ninilchik.  Done.  Number Two is to do a glacier aircraft landing near Mt McKinley. We are working on that right now.  The third is to see bears catching salmon in Hyder, Alaska.  That will be in a few weeks hopefully.  These three things are so cool to me.  I plan to capture it all with pictures I hope.  I just counted my good pictures and it’s over 2,400.  So, be for warned, don’t ever ask to see our photos of Alaska unless you have many hours to spare.  The ones I put in the blog are only a very, very small portion of the good shots.  The poor shots I delete immediately each day.

7:30 AM we called the Air Taxi Service Company and they said still not good weather in the mountains and to call back.

10:00 AM  we called again.  They said if we wanted to go they would fly us up with no guarantees of seeing Mt McKinley or a glacier landing.

10:05 AM  we decided what the hell – go for it….. we are off to the airport.  I hope I don’t have to wind the rubber band in the airplane.   See Ya….

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