Saturday, July 4, 2009

Moose – Where art thou !


Since there are no moose by us that we can find we  decided to go downtown.  We started at the weekend Market Place above.  No moose!



Then we looked downtown the street and didn’t see any roaming.  They used to in the old TV series Northern Exposure.  I guess what they say about Anchorage is true.  Alaska starts about 3 miles from the city limits.

The Iditarod starting line is across from the yellow building above.  We think it might be still a few months away thank goodness.  Don’t want to get in their way standing in the road.



Then we went to the Anchorage Visitor Center.  Notice the sod on the roof.  Seems like us people down south have a little more land where we don’t have to use our roofs to grow things.  Carol says you should notice the flowers.  The people in the visitor center directed us down the street with smiles.DSC_0011




They were pretty sweet in the visitor center and sent us here to this guy below.  We know he wasn’t real because moose don’t fish.  Then he sent us down another street to our next “moose”.



We knew this “moose” wasn’t real because he couldn’t give any poo to put in Carol’s bag.  Moose are always pooing.  He tried to take candy out of Carol’s bag too!


Then this “moose” wasn’t real either.  He wanted Carol to dress him.DSC_0027



We thought this “moose” was real at first.  Then we realized it had the head of a rhino with antlers.DSC_0028-1


So we just decided to return to base and take pictures of these stuffed moose.DSC_0035-1


These MOOSE must of been on rails because they kept moving around.  We can’t figure out how they moved them thru the woods. It was like being at Disneyland.  Oh well, maybe we can find some moose another day.

Hey, Happy Fourth.  Anchorage shoots off fireworks at dusk.  Dusk is MIDNIGHT!

See ya………….

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