Thursday, July 23, 2009

Talkeetna Flight Canceled Tonight

We arrived for our flight brief at 6:30 PM and were informed the weather didn’t look good for sight seeing or a glacier landing, but we could still go.  I don’t think SO!  We would have to flown into the picture below .  I think the plane has a Briggs & Stranton 5 HP engine.  I’m concern about getting off the ground much less a storm.  Maybe tomorrow…DSC_0002



We saw this neat little all aluminum plane by the airstrip.  I think someone made it out of their Bud beer cans.DSC_0011



This is all one house.  Evidently if you can build it, you can then live in it.  DSC_0005


Hey, think this will fit on our RV.  They are around here like mosquitoes on tourists.




Yes, it is like it is.  Anything goes.  I bet it has good insulation.DSC_0009


Hey, as long as it works!



A guy flew this little plane in, got out and walked over to the town hamburger stand and placed an order.  It was this or his ATV probably.  DSC_0010 

Here is his landing field. DSC_0001

That’s almost all folks.  The park campfire is being lit.

See Ya………

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