Thursday, July 23, 2009

Talkeetna 1st Day

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We left Jan & Ken T with good memories.  Thanks guys!We filled their bellies with halibut that we all had cooked.  The next morning we left them at the Elks in Palmer and headed for Talkeetna.  It’s a whooping 75 miles.  I don’t know how we managed the long scenic ride.DSC_0006


We arrived at Talkeetna Camp Park and got this site.  It’s water & electric, free WiFi at your site, pull thru for $34.  In the past I have bragged about the scenic views out our front window.  Well, it’s only fair that I show our new view…DSC_0035


The dump station.  You know, it was fun watching people.DSC_0036


We went to town and lucky us, they had their sign up.DSC_0034


  The mayor’s office is upstairs of this catch all store.  This mayor is one of those honorary positions.  I think he has had it for years.  He has been known to stop traffic with some of his antics.  He is a character and is well know throughout town.DSC_0020


He has a room in this Historic Building.  It’s one of the newer buildings.DSC_0022


Here is “STUBBS” the honorary mayor of Talkeetna. He does have the run of town and everyone here knows of him.  We were here in 2004 and he was too!DSC_0031



We had lunch here at the West Pub.  It’s in the rear of the catch all store above.  I had their caribou chili and Carol had their seafood chowder.  I have had a lot of chili in my time to include mine of course.  I have to admit this chili was the best I have ever had, hands down.  It even had corn in it.  Some of us know why you put corn in chili.  I wasn’t really hungry either.  Carol said her chowder was very good.  We will go back for their special tonight..DSC_0023


Tonight we are taking something I wanted to do up here and that is do a glacier landing via aircraft.  It’s one of my three things on my bucket list for Alaska.    It’s a two hour flight around Denali, then a glacier landing.  Wow….   Below is our airstrip we will be taking off from.DSC_0025



Here’s our plane…………DSC_0021


Stay tuned…………..

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