Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Talkeetna Friday 24 July Jet Boat Ride

After the Glacier Landing we took a 3.5 hour jet boat ride up several rivers.  It was pretty neat.  The boat had three 360 diesel engines and it moved across very shallow water.  Seating was comfortable and all enclosed.DSC_0604



This was our Captain.  Yes he was very young and grew up driving jet boats.  I think he is 13 years old (smile).  He enjoyed his job a lot.  We couldn’t believe some of the shallow waters and tight turns he went through.DSC_0425


A lot of trees suffered from the high ice break up during a quick early warm spring.  The ice break up was the worst in over 50 years.  See the bark missing on the trees.  It’s due to ice rubbing on it.DSC_0432


The captain had to stay with the boat to keep the engines running due to the strong river current.  I guess they don’t have anchors (smile).DSC_0440


This was our naturalist guide we had for a short side trip.  No college but this guide was very very informative.  He lives in a tent, Yep…  If you look at his right shoulder he has a 12 gauge shot gun.  He explained that there are bears and carries it as a much needed safety thing.  Good. He could shoot the bear while I am running away.DSC_0444


These plants were not here in the spring and the ice break up was covering this area.  They grow quick and big up here with all this water and daylight hours.DSC_0451

This was our guide.  He explained the different hides and he too enjoyed his job.DSC_0463


This bear trap is now illegal.  I think it would hurt a little too much.DSC_0464


Here is a cabin that the owner of the jet boat company lived with his wife for five years here in the wilderness including winters.  Boat in - boat out during the river flowing months. Snow skies and dog sleds all other times.  Do you see the sod roof?  I guess  “Lowes” or “Home Improvement”   wasn’t  around back then (smile).DSC_0465


You can tell the rivers had a lot of sand bars.  We needed that horsepower a few times when it got real shallow.  He just powered us over those sand bars.DSC_0474


We saw about a half dozen Eagles.  I didn’t have the “whale” with us.  I didn’t think a big camera lens, jet boat and water would mix…DSC_0500


Here the captain is moving the jet boat up on a very rocky shore.  He left off about 30 people so they could catch a bus up on the road.  DSC_0518


He liked turning the boat up on one keel.  Carol liked sliding into me and squishing me.DSC_0546

And again….



There were a few rafters but I kinda like the jet boat idea.DSC_0592



We got back to our starting point.  We never got wet and it was kinda neat flying across the water at a high rate of speed.

We got back to the rig, changed our clothes and left for the Party.  The Party was the special private Town Party we got invited to.  Now you have to remember we had the glacier landing that morning then the jet boat ride and then to the Party.

Friday 24 July had to be in three parts.  The glacier landing was part 1 and this jet boat ride was part two.  Part three to follow in the near future.

Tomorrow we leave Fairbanks towards Tok.  Hard to say where our stops will be before Tok.

See Ya…

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