Thursday, July 9, 2009



We left Anchorage and drove the Seward Hwy to Seward.  It’s about a 130 mile drive.  There was only about a 5 mile stretch of construction otherwise the road was pretty good.  It has a lot of pull offs.  It’s a very pretty route, but since there are fires very little can be seen.  These fires are far away, but with no rain and very little wind it’s a real “foggy” atmosphere in an otherwise beautiful area.


There are two Seward’s.  Historic (touristy) and the harbor (touristy).




The above picture is main street historic Seward.



DSC_0064 They paint a lot of things in Seward.  It brightens the city up.



Don’t this painted dumpster make you want to throw your crap in it?




This wall was down by the harbor




Something about rabbits down here.  I think people use them like country people use goats – cut their lawns.



Seems to be a lot of these flowers down by the harbor next to the sidewalks.  They are very colorful



DSC_0029   City dry camping for $15 down on the road.  It would be hard to buy the view of the harbor.  That’s smoke in the back ground.  They seem to have plenty of sights even on the water.  Electric will run $30 – no thanks.  We have electric for $18 in the military campground and plan to move to the city campground early next week.  We are about a half mile out.



DSC_0054  This is just part of the harbor.  I tried to take the smoke out of the view, but just couldn’t clear it up.  You got the jest of the views.


We will post pictures everyday so stay tuned.  Share our blog with your friends… See Ya……….

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