Friday, July 3, 2009

Walks & Sites Around Anchorage

These two pictures are of a moose which was probably  killed/died over the winter.  This was about a 100 yards from our campsite in thick woods.

DSC_0010 - Copy

The jaw bone above appears to be upside down.




This is moose poo.  We have it all around here but can find that doggone Bullwinkle.DSC_0014


This is our present site at Fort Richardson campground at $18 FHU.  I water (soak) the dirt about three times a day if I am here.  These “Campers” just don’t know what 5 MPH signs mean.  So what else is new! DSC_0019 



This picture is my computer and my all time favorite desktop screen.  I just took this pictures a few days ago at the Alaska Zoo.  It is VERY detailed.DSC_0021




This morning we went moose hunting and this bear was eating garbage next to a back road about 3 miles from our campground.  I got about a half dozen pictures before he had is fill of us.DSC_0024





The mountain above is Eagle Peak and stands a gracious 6906 feet.  They will let you hike to it.  I declined – I had a headache from sniffing the moose poo.


Then we are in a state DSC_0042park at the head of a hiking trail and see this handicap parking sign next to the trail head.  What Einstein put that on a “vigorous” trail head.  It just don’t figure sometimes.  If the person is handicap and wants to hike then he/she should just do it.  Handicap Parking here is a waste of time and money in my opinion.


This is a sign I had to turn around and go back to get a picture of it.  It made us smile a lot….

DSC_0044Need I say anymore – let your mind think of all the things that could mean!



Did I mention that this Army Base is next to a Air Force Base – Elmendorf.  Yes, we got use to the fly over's.  I am too slow to catch the jets thru the trees.  This big lug of a cargo plane waited til I went in and got my “whale” lens set up and came back out.  Since it waited for me it deserves to be in the blog.  You can see they stopped the props in mid air so they wouldn’t be a blur.  They even stopped the landing gear from coming all the way down especially the front gear.DSC_0013

So, see ya and a bg thanks to those that are helping with ideas and suggestions on this blog.  I really need help I have been told……Dennis

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